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The Desmotec Isoinertial Training System provides load to exercise through a weighted adjustable spindle. The rotary motion of the system provides continuous, alternating concentric and eccentric loading varying in response to the velocity of movement.

The Desmotec system allows the user to utilize the full concentric and eccentric capacity of the working muscles. The nature of the eccentric loading of the Desmotec system is very different to traditional loading methods, more simulating the eccentric loading experienced in ADL and athletic pursuits.

The D.LINE and V.LINE Desmotec units provide the capacity to cover:     

  • A full range of exercise selection     
  • Targeted areas for rehabilitation     
  • Power, strength and strength endurance  qualities in athletes

The easy to use Desmotec measurement system provides:     

  • Objective feedback during training     
  • Concentric vs eccentric comparison     
  • The capacity for L vs R comparison     
  • Immediate reporting from cloud-based support     
  • Data export for extensive individual evaluation

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For Desmotec here in Australia please contact

For Desmotec here in Australia please contact John – 0418 773 060 John – 0418 773 060

Desmotec Brochure

Desmotec Brochure